Big future for small farms, The Weekly Times, 7 February 2013
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AFJ - July 11 Cover

For those who read the "Australian Farm Journal" magazine, you will find it difficult to miss Gerhard on the front cover of the July 2011 Edition.
Turn to page 10 for the article featuring Gerhard talking about Actively Aerated Compost Tea.
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And for those who read "the Weekly Times" keep an eye out in the 6 July 2011 editon (or visit the link below) for the article on Gerhard's son Jordan, and his wife Chell, talking about their farm and free range pigs.
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Did you see the ABC's Landline program on 3 July 2011 featuring Biological Farming??
Landline Biological Farming Part 1 - Click Here

Part 2 screened on Sunday 17 July 2011
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On 24 August 2011 Landline aired a program with Martin Williams about a natural resource management plan.
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