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Compost Thermometer - Analogue
Compost Thermometer - Analogue
Title: Compost Thermometer - Analogue

Blurb: Analogue compost thermometer featuring a protective shroud/handle. Registers from 0 - 100 degrees C with the dial even showing the optimal temperature range for compost making of between 55 - 70 degrees C. Stainless Steel Probe, length 80cm. Strong and robust that won't break the bank.
Price: $180.00

Compost Thermometer Digital (Economy Model)
Compost Thermometer Digital (Economy Model)
Title: Compost Thermometer Digital (Economy Model)

Blurb: This budget model with large digital read-out is effective in tracking the temperatures of compost. An essential tool to ensure pastuerisation temperature is reached but also to not over-cook and destroy the compost. See More Information.
Price: $180.00

Dung Down Under
Dung Down Under
Title: Dung Down Under
Author: Bernard Doube and Tim Marshall

Blurb: Dung down under: dung beetles for Australia is the first farmer-friendly book on the ecology and management of dung beetles in Australia, possibly the world. It is an essential reference for farmers, Landcare groups and environmental organisations concerned with sustainable land management.
Price: $33.00

On-Farm Composting Handbook
On-Farm Composting Handbook
Title: On-Farm Composting Handbook
Author: NRAES

Blurb: A thorough overview of farm-scale composting that explains how to produce, use and market compost. This information will be useful for farmers, waste producers, environmental regulators and public health officials. Topics covered include: benefits and drawbacks, the process, raw materials, methods, operations, management, site and environmental considerations, using compost, marketing, economics, and other options for waste management. Includes 55 figures, 32 tables, calculations, references and a glossary.
Price: $49.95